• •Patented filter replaceable mask

• KF94 rated filter applied

• Easy filter replacement

• Cool mesh inner fabric layer

• Ergonomic 3D structure

Heat retention

6Plus keeps you warm from cold weather

Replaceable Filter Pad

Keep and reuse 6Plus mask as many times as you need after replacing the filter pad

Nose Bridge Wire

Tight fit around the nose prevents fogging up

99% UV Protection

Blocks more than 99.9% UV rays

3D Shaping Structure

Minimizes the direct contact between the mask and your skin

Air Filtration

Filtering more than 94 percent of particles with the average size of 0.4㎛ such as ultrafine dust, aerosols, and droplets


Introducing a new generation of PPE


How to replace filter

1. Wash your hands and have the filter pad ready

2. Have the filter pad in place under rubber bands

3. Make sure the pad is tightly held in place by rubber bands

4. Get yourself protected

1. Slide in the filter under the rubber bands

2. Unfold the filter pad

2 in 1, 6Plus Mask,

Unlike other filter replaceable masks,
6Plus mask can be worn without the filter pad.
4-layer structure consisting of different nanoscale fibers
allows you to breathe more easily,
but it still blocks small harmful particles while breathing.
6Plus mask even without the filter pad works
as a great personal protective equipment.
Apply the filter pad, only when physical
distancing is difficult to maintain or air pollution is severe.
Pick whichever works best for you!

Not become damp or humid?

Even though you can’t see it, the air you breathe can affect your health.

See what breathing and exposure to polluted air could cause.


Superior Quick Drying and Moisture Wicking

Wearing a mask every possible moment has become a part of everyday life.
High heat and humidity captured inside the mask not only gives you discomfort feeling
but also reduces the filtration efficiency of your mask.
Inner layer of 6&6 mask is made of a premium cool mesh material keeping you cool and dry
during prolonged wearing of the mask.

6Plus Mask, Available Design Patterns

6Plus Mask, Packaging

1 x Main mask body(KF94) + 1 x KF94 rated Filter pad

5 x KF94 rated Filter pad

1 x Main mask body + 2 x KF94 rated Filter pad

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